Attracting Customers Through Educational Marketing

Many people get caught up trying to sell because they know the more they sell the more money they will make. Even though this is completely true could there be a better way to approach or attract your target market and end up getting more sales overall? Yes there is!One of the most effective methods of marketing is educational marketing and that means marketing information first. Not just any information – free information. I’m not saying to not market your opportunity period (Because once you have prospects or a contact list naturally you should), All I’m saying is that instead of it being the first thing your visitor or prospect sees it becomes a back-end product that they become aware of after already building a relationship with you by receiving educational content first.So how does this work? The beginning of the process is a visitor landing on your squeeze or lead capture page. On that page you are giving away information in return for them entering their name and e-mail address. The type of information depends on the target audience but the main point is that it is valuable information – for example if you want to reach network marketers you would provide something possibly related to advertising or marketing. For example, you could offer a free report, e-book, or e-mail series on how internet marketing can be applied to build a network marketing business. Or perhaps you could offer free advertising tips, social marketing tips, information relating to copywriting or writing effective ads, and the list of possibilities goes on.Many people think that the problem is they don’t have enough expertise on any subject to write an article or newsletter about. This I totally disagree with! All you have to do is educate yourself first by reading a few articles, e-books, reports, etc. on any topic and then you know much more than most other people about it. This makes you an authority because you have already educated yourself on that topic. After that you are not only capable of writing about that topic, but also writing a quality article or e-book giving tips and information on it. If you don’t like writing you could also hire someone to write an e-book or article for you. You can do this at or for very reasonable prices. This will make you viewed as a person they can respect, follow, and take advice from. Others are drawn to people like that.Once they have read your information, found it to be valuable, and established trust with you the will be very receptive to your recommendations – or of course interested in taking a look at your business opportunity.One way that I continue to build relationships with and build trust with my list is by providing them with valuable content and insight on a regular basis. Once you have them opted in to your list already then it is easy to keep building that relationship through the use of your autoresponder.After you have given that person some information for free and they liked it they will want more. You could then even sell them your e-book, course, or recommend one to them as an affiliate and earn commissions. This is income you can make up front and then it makes no difference whether or not they even join your business. If they do it is a great bonus!